Wedding Services

Calin The Best Salon & Spa Center

Male Services

The best grooming service for the groom.

Hair Cutting Style

Entertain a personalized haircut from a skilled stylist in a room even as watching TV and taking pleasure in a complementary portion.


We offer beard cutting and beard softening customized treatment designed to ease shaving and keep skin healthy looking.


A gentle yet effectual facial treatment that provides gentle exfoliation to remove irritants and soothes skin. All of our massages are done by massage therapists licensed in all types of therapeutic and relaxation massages.


At Calin we remove unwanted body hair that leaves a clean smooth finish lasting much longer than shaving.

Female Services

When the bridal beauty is on the verge.


At Calin, you can trust our hairstylists to give you the latest hairstyle, while keeping in mind your preferences.


At Calin, we believe that makeup is the best accessory. No outfit is complete lacking highlighted lips or kohl eyes!


Calin salon and Spa‘s skincare professionals bleach your face and body using techniques that do not damage or change the texture of your skin. A bleaching done at Calin leaves you with skin that’s fairer, fresher and flawless.


A good facial offer your skin a healthy glow. At Calin we use products containing vital minerals and nutrients that reduce wrinkles and remove dead skin, giving you a youthful appearance.