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Calin Spa

It helps you easing those tired nerves and celebrates the complete body accord with superb and tailored Ayurvedic and Oriental spa therapies. Calin has a dedicated team of professional spa therapists. Our spa helps you reinstate your internal balance with nature-kissed products and soul-calming vibes.

Popular Massage Therapies

Calin The Best Salon & Spa Center

At Calin, we offer a number of contemporary massage treatments from head to toe at competitive prices and attractive packages. These comprise the natural healing properties of the famous reflexology massage that cleanses blood flow, full body massage to relieve stress and fatigue,

At Calin, we offer our customers comforting back massage which offers relief and also improves flexibility by our professional therapist. The warm oils used in massage assist to relieve pain and stiffness, and also decrease the muscle spasms.

At Calin, we offer Full body massage using warm medicated oils, which perk up circulation, alleviate fatigue and related body aches and nourishes the skin. An Ayurvedic massage oil that triggers the deep senses of the human mind and awakens sensuality. The essential oils are observed by the skin, and the positive therapeutic effects on the essentials oils will be transported through the entire body. It is invigorating, energizing and relaxing as well.

Created with Thai yoga techniques to improve circulation and flexibility for a positive flow of energy through your body. At Calin, we provide Thai massage that applies precise pressures and loosens up tired bodies and joints, as well as finger- pressure based Shiatsu to enhance metabolism and stimulate regeneration of healthy blood cells.

Tranquil the nervous system and promotes a feel of relaxation and well-being also Prevents and relieve muscles cramps and spasms. At Calin experience this rejuvenating Swedish massage and Reduces tension and anxiety.

We at Calin offer an aromatic massage that offers an experience of total relaxation drenched with aromatic essential oils. Aromatherapy can boost well- being, mitigate stress and assist in refreshing your body. Our professionals will conduct an initial consultation with you to learn about your health condition and to bring the desired outcome.