• 01 SEPTEMBER 2017
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Bright sunny days are becoming longer,and those miraculous summer nights appear too short.These are telltale signs that summer is here, and with its arrival, occur numerous new changes and opportunities. How do you plan to concern for your health and well-being? We hope that you will get the time to renovate.

Refurbish Your Skin—Exfoliate, Cleanse, Hydrate & shield


The initial step to glowing summer skin is by exfoliating for a soft, even skin feel. Exfoliation serves to smoothly “exfoliate” or remove dead skin cell buildup, which allows your skin to soak up moisturizer better, resulting in better hydration. Employ a natural salt scrub no more than 1-2 times weekly to stay up with exfoliation at home. For something more complete, Calin offers a summer special packages which focuses on intensely exfoliating rough, dry skin on your body and leaving it moisturized, soft, glowing and feeling totally rejuvenated.


Cleanse often, day and night, to wash away dust and dirt to renew your glowing skin. Consider using high quality and Essential Cleansers which are ideal for cleansing your pores and washing away dull skin cells. You can find this cleanser at the Calin Salon and Spa.


Staying hydrated and moisturized is necessary for bringing out your internal summer glow to flourish during those dry, hot summer days. Uphold moisture by applying a natural, high-quality skin moisturizer every day and drinking plenty of water. These are great foundation steps to developing healthy habits.

Remember to give your hardworking hands and feet a treat, with moisturizers which are full of vitamin E and also available at the Calin salon and spa


Protecting your skin from ruthless UV rays from the sun or tanning beds is essential for keeping a summer glow and preventing sunburn. Keep a constant skin regime that comprises sunscreen or suntan lotion with at least 30+ SPF. If you want to replenish your face from too much sun, we propose trying a calming Vitamin C Facial that helps to nurture the skin and keep your face glowing. Rejuvenate your skin and mind through the relaxing process of exfoliating, cleansing, hydrating, and protecting your skin. Be sure to try some of Calin’s favorite spa products to help rejuvenate your skin for an attractive summer glow.